Frederik Hesseldahl

Frederik Hesseldahl is a Danish street artist, also known as Clean.

His paintings move in the border area between graffiti and modern art. For over 18 years Frederik has decorated European walls, but in recent years he has moved inside private homes and businesses with his murals.

With his art Frederik tries to develop the graffiti's idiom, and process it in a graphic, colourful and expressive style. He explores the limits of fantasy with animal motifs, graffiti fragments and strong color combinations.

Frederik graduated as an architect at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and he also studied at the Danish Art Academy. Today Frederik works independetly at his own studio.  

You can find his work at businesses such as Tivoli, BMW, Aegis Media and DR. In 2009 and 2013, Frederik participated in group exhibitions  at the Vejle Art Museum and the Art, Museum of Modern Art Aalborg.