Martin Jørgensen

Martin Jørgensen is a Danish artist / illustrator. He has over the past many years, worked with advertising, graphic design and illustration, both in Denmark and abroad.

Martin works in many directions, but is often drawn by the naive, subtle and calm expression. His illustrations include storyboards, finish illustrations, magasin- and announce illustrations, posters, postcards and books.

His storyboards are very popular, with customers including Nordisk Film, Royal, McDonalds, Nordea, Telia, Saxobank, Volkswagen etc. And his finish illustrations have been used by brands such as BRIO, Kims, Royal, Coloplast. Volkswagen, Lotto, McDonalds, SKANDINAVISK, Madklubben etc.

Martin's illustrations have been published in several Danish magazines such as Euroman and Børsens magasin, and his annonce illustrations have been created for brands such as Lotto, Gammel Dansk, Pandora, McDonalds etc. He has also created Christmas calendars for both DR TV2.

Martin Jørgensen has also achieved many awards for his designs.