Steen Berg Hansen

Serious fun
It is easy to spot the baby in the artist Steen Berg Hansen. He can play as someone, imaginative, colorful and imaginative. Basically, he has contact with the authentic child, which is one of art's prerequisites. And let's just say it right away: Art is serious fun. If art does not contain precisely that playful element, it will easily die in rubbish death. And if the play does not have a serious element, it will be easy to play. And thus uninteresting.
Steen Berg Hansen is in his own whimsical way in the family with the great child you could also find with the great Danish artist Henry Heerup. Humor, commitment and human love are included as obvious elements in Steen Berg Hansen's pictures. Life is a party. A great joy. A profit you have to share. But also a fabulous fantasy that can lead many places. Out of reality. Into other worlds. Out on the edge of the normal.
The colors play a significant role in Steen Berg Hansen's painting. Colors in cascades. Colors like music. And colors like emotions. Spontaneous and bubbly unruly. You can only be in a good mood by considering his pictures. They dribble the joy of life. They find all the seriousness that is far too much in the Danish everyday life.
Expert almsmen from the inner circles of art mean in between - with some concern & several brows - that the artist is just a courtesy, who - at best - in funny ways says something serious about the reality we all live in. But let it be said straight away: the role of the harrier is important: Under the cover of bustling joy, one can also say more serious truths about a world where contradictions, conflicts and unrest are hammering away from the grinding machine of the media all day long. And where we might just need extra for the childish and somewhat naive joy that art can deliver.
Steen Berg Hansen is more than able to deliver in the subtle, naive and exuberant joy. It infects. You go home happily from his pictures.
So it is a great mission to succeed with. And he does it to the fullest. Sensible, with rough talent - and ultimately cheering well.