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Svend Sømod

Kr. 900,- 

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Dette produkt er i øjeblikket udsolgt.

Limited Edition af 25. 
Format: A2 (420 x 594mm)

Giclée print på archival papir. 
Signeret og nummereret af Svend Sømod på bagsiden.

The piece is based on two patterns. The primary pattern is a square grid, based on the Golden Ratio (1,618). The essence of this number, is that it describes the propotion between numbers in the Fibbonacci sequence. If you look at the picture, you will see that there is 3 different sizes of rows and collums. Because of the the Golden Ratio, the biggest rows are exactly as wide as the 2 smaller rows combined. The cells in this grid system have been treated with an classic graphical trick. By drawing 45° angles from every corner, the flat surfaces seem to extrude. This technique underlines the Golden Ratio. At last there is the polka dots. They are arranged in an archimedean tessellation, which simply means that they contain several regular polygons. And a bonus fact. If you can find a microscope, you will be able to detect a microversion of the the archimedean polkadotpattern hidden from the naked eye inside the picture.

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